Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Congrats and Stashtacular

Just a couple of things . . .
I thought you'd like to 'meet' the winner of my recent '50!' give-away, so I asked her to write a bit about herself. Meet Becca of Sew Like Sisters

"Hi! Becca here, and I'd like to thank Debbie for hosting this fantastic giveaway. Writing a blog is tough work. Constantly thinking up new and inspiring topics to keep your readers interested. Forever feeling like the only people who read are you and maybe your family. But then the magic happens...complete strangers start following along and offering their votes of confidence! Keep up the good work, Debbie.

My best friend, Kelly, and I are co-authoring a blog called Sew Like Sisters. She and I have been best friends for the last 13 years and for the most part have been inseparable, despite the 750 miles between us.

Kelly is married to a great guy named Dave, and is the mom to two of the most adorable and incredibly bright children. They live in Illinois. I'm an attorney and married into the military life with my husband, Josh. We live in Virginia with our beagle, Jack.

Even with our crazy schedules, we still find time to talk almost every day. I couldn't ask for a better friend and it's awesome that we both share a love for sewing.

Follow us on our journey at Sew Like Sisters!

We also have etsy shops. Check those out, too!

Thanks again, Debbie. Can't wait to see what's in store for the future."

Congrats again to Becca! Her fabric pack and Pink Chalk gift certificate are on their way to her!

Also, today I got two boxes from the Stashtacular fabric swap. Sponsored by Kelly of Blue Bird Sews, Jenna of Sew Happy Geek, and Stephanie of Spontaneous Threads, the swap included a 'no-buying' pledge for the month of July! Drastic, huh? 10 women from across the U.S. swapped nearly 40# of fabric! Here's a quick peek at my swap stash. I'm looking forward to going through my boxes piece by piece!

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  1. What a great idea letting us meet Becca, that is cool! I received my Stashtacular fabrics on Thursday and was quite pleased with my little haul. Hope you liked what you ended up with!