Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Sampler!

I must say I am pleased to have finished all the blocks for the Summer Sampler Series! I approached Block #12 slow and steady and all fell into place quite nicely!

So . . . here are all 12 blocks!
I'm planning on framing them all in white and then trimming to match, as they aren't all currently the same size. The framing should take care of those little differences. I was thinking of adding colored cornerstones, but I'm leaning away from that now - thoughts? Same with a border. Still a possibility, but probably not.

I did buy the end of the bolt of this yesterday, and am planning on having it play a part in the back - we'll see!

150px Summer Sampler Series Badge


  1. Your last block looks great! Is it a relief to have them done? I think the white sashing will be very pretty. I love the couple that I have seen with it done that way. Excited to see the back, too!

  2. to sash or not to sash .... i do when the blocks are all different. i like corner stones with the star points on them. why not make corner stone stars with green polka dots from the backing?

  3. The blocks look so great together, and they will be wonderful framed in white. I would leave it at that, let the blocks be the entire focus, the white frames will be a nice resting point in between them.

  4. Beautiful! I like ritainalaska's idea about the corner stones. But Leanne has a good point too! Can't wait to see what you decide!

  5. My goodness that last block is a stunner and I love the lime dots for the back. It's going to look great. Wished I had enough experience to give you advice about the sashing - both options sound great to me and but your previous commenters have excellent points about the sashing. I know that whatever you chose will look amazing. :)

  6. I love the citrus color combo! That's one amazing quilt!