Friday, August 26, 2011


I’ve been thinking a lot about color lately. Maybe too much.

Yesterday, when my coworker walked into the office, rather than kindly saying, “Good Morning,” I blurted out, “I love your shirt! It’s KONA Kiwi!” {duh. True story.} Thankfully, he’s a very good sport and just laughed. And in all honesty, when I got home and checked my KONA Color Card, his shirt was actually Pistachio. Ha.

I suppose it all started with the Rainbow Charm Swap, followed by the Color Wheel Charm Swap. I just finished up my Summer Sampler, chock full of solid, citrusy color. And then I’ve been working on my 4x5 bee blocks, and agonizing over what ‘lime’ really means, and ‘cardinal red’, and ‘pomegranate.’ And on top of that, I’ve had my for the love of solids swap partner’s favorite color stuck in my head, wondering what other colors would go great with it. I’ve also joined up with the Dead Simple QA with Lily's Quilts, which basically will be focusing more on a chosen color palette than the pattern. All of that adds up to a lot of color!
Dead Simple Quiltalong

Imagine my surprise when I opened my google reader yesterday and saw the announcement of Celebrate Color with Stitched in Color and friends. Celebrate Color is an event that "celebrate(s) the colors of fall with inspiration tutorials, contests and prizes during the months of September, October, and November. Because color inspires us all, Celebrate Color is for fiber artists of all kinds." Very cool, don't you think?
Celebrate Color

As I've mulled over color palettes for the solids swap and the Dead Simple Quilt QA, I've been posting ideas on my "Color Inspiration" Pinterest board {here}. You already know that one of my favorite sources of color palettes is Design Seeds. Besides their frequents posts on facebook, it's great that you can search for palettes by topic, season, or color. I thought I'd share a sampling of my favs . . .
hens & chicks from

color crave from

door hues

autumn macaron - tasty in any season!


  1. i love the doughnut color palette! if you don't use that i may have to borrow the other choice was a cupcake. maybe i am just hungry...

  2. I love, love, love the succulents palette! I skipped lunch and I totally want to eat that doughnut right now. Or the macarons. I think I should definitely eat before I choose my palette! The Celebrate Color events sounds really fun!Should be interesting.

  3. I love your story at the beginning, I wonder if you coworker had any idea what "Kona" was! Too funny. I've been contemplating color a lot lately too, though I haven't any great ideas yet!