Monday, August 8, 2011

A Reflection

Well, reaching 50 followers (and beyond!) and having a give-away to celebrate {see here!} is alot of fun. But it really is only a reflection of all the enjoyment I've found in quilt-blog-land these past months. And there's been plenty!

For one, what beauty and activity happens over on flickr! The swaps and bees and just general sharing about the quilting we are each doing is just plain fun! I find such inspiration in seeing the creations of others, and such affirmation in them seeing mine. Here is just a sample of some of my recent favs (and there are many!) . . .

Quilt-alongs have been such a pleasure, and through them, I have created two of my favorite quilts ever, Supernova and Kaleidoscope - both immensely satisfying to make, yet full of learning and stretching, all while engulfed in community. (Thanks, Lee of freshly pieced and Elizabeth of don't call me betsy!)

Though I haven't ventured there yet, I had no idea there was a world of darling little pouches! Quilters + pouches - who knew? Some of my favorites are from Marci of Marci Girl Designs. Wow, what creativity!

I was introduced to quilt podcasting by Susan of The History Quilter, and it's been fun to discover that medium as great 'background' as I create in my sewing room.

Pinterest has been a relatively new discovery, thanks to Katie of Sew Katie Did. She told us about it at a recent class, and hooked us up. It's been a great place to explore and 'store' some favorite fabrics and other quiltyness. (And if you'd like an invite, just let me know!)

It has been interesting how different days of the week have taken on new meaning! Sometimes it seems like I live for W.i.P. Wednesday! And then, of course, there's 52 lists in 52 weeks {usually} on Sundays, Sew Modern Monday when I have a finish, my own Tuesday at the Table, and this summer, Finish it Up Friday!

But the most amazing thing of all has been the new friendships forged through our common love of quilting! It has been surprising, yet lovely. Whew! That is alot, isn't it?! See - there's many reasons to celebrate!


  1. Ooooh, I just may favorite some of your favorites! There is so much to discover through blogs, flickr and such. Thanks for sharing your inspirations!

  2. There is so much to see on Pinterest, it is easy to spend way too much time there, but I love it! I was just thinking to myself this morning about how I have had so much fun the last couple weeks since I have gotten involved in this crazy online quilting world, but I am so glad I did. I have met so many new people, many of whom I think will become great friends/inspirations, you included! And I completely agree about the days of the week! It really helps to keep me motivated to go sew, not just daydream about it or watch other people. Whoa, long comment! Sorry!

  3. We are both from Seattle! Hi. I'm krista

    Your quilt a long quilts are amazingly beautiful!! Seriously

  4. I'm seven blocks into my Supernova now...I'm still in love with yours! Was hoping to get mine finished for WIP Wed but the boys and I are off to the beach tomorrow - maybe Finish it up Friday!? Thanks for the blog/podcast mention. :)

  5. Awww Debbie you are too sweet! Thanks for the lovely compliments! I really appreciate it, and yes, the best part of the whole thing is making new friends! I tried to comment on this post the day that you wrote it, and blogger said I didn't have permission to comment on this post, which I thought was totally ironic! LOL BTW how in the world do you find the time to blog so much? I can't keep up, but I love reading all your posts, even if I am doing so a bit late!