Thursday, August 4, 2011


May I present Kaleidoscope.

Usually when I finish a quilt, there's a sense of "well that was fun". Sometimes, "whew, I'm glad that's done". And occasionally, "wow, there's truly a part of me in this quilt". That third sentiment is how I feel about Kaleidoscope. Supernova was like that too. It had a story, and was wrapped in some honest, raw emotion. I feel like Kaleidoscope definitely has a little of my quilting journey pieced into it.

I was intrigued with Kaleidoscope the moment Elizabeth presented the quilt-along on don't call me betsy. It was different from anything I had done before!  The fabric I chose was mostly DS prints that I had purchased on a whim weeks before. The quilt-along instructions indicated I'd need a few more prints than I had, and it really stretched me a bit to put my final grouping together. When I presented my final selections on flickr in the quilt-along group, I wasn't really confident about what kind of reception they'd receive! Thankfully they were met with affirmation.

The idea for the back was from Crazy Mom Quilts. I knew I wanted to put at least one kaleidoscope block on the back, and Amandajean's quilt back was perfect. Honestly, the vision and execution of this backing was as smooth as any I've done. Being able to baste it out on the deck in the sunshine {again}, certainly didn't hurt.

I'd been reading a lot about 'special' threads lately - like Aurifil and Superior. So before I started quilting Kaleidoscope, I went to my LQS to see what they had. They happened to carry Superior, so I got some lovely gray 'King Tut' quilting thread. It is '100% Extra-Long Staple Egyptian Cotton' and felt really smooth as I was sewing. I'll definitely put in the effort to search out quality thread next time I want to machine quilt. Plus this was the first time I'd quilted in color, and I love what it added to the quilt.

I really thought I knew how I wanted to quilt Kaleidoscope early on, but changed my mind once I got started. {read more here} I'm glad I went with my instinct, even though, again, it felt like a bit of a stretch for me at the time. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Well, there's a bit about why Kaleidoscope is pretty special to me. The community built by this quilt-along was great fun, and with the new lessons and experiences bound up in beautiful fabric and pattern - well, I'm definitely glad I journeyed along.

So now it's time to link up with the Kaleidoscope Gallery of Finishes. Go look - there's some awesome quilting to enjoy!


  1. Debbie, it looks great! You really did an excellent job! I love seeing those quilt-roll photos, too. It is fun hearing about the sense of community that is established during a quilt-along. I hope there is another fun one starting soon! Love this quilt!

  2. It looks amazing! I love the fabrics you used. The colors are so pretty!

  3. Fantastic! I like hearing your story about it. The backing is gorgeous! Don't you just love a good finish? Awesome!

  4. Thank you for the excellent narrative about all of the aspects that went into this quilt. Are you keeping this gem?

  5. We are very proud of ourselves, Debbie! I like the outline quilting you did - I was thinking along those lines, but didn't want to accent my blocks too much. I seriously need to put a little more pizzazz into my backings though!

    This QAL has given me great ideas for that! Your quilt looks GREAT!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! You are making me jealous I didn't sign up for this QAL! From your fabric choices through your quilting choices, it came together beautifully! Great job.

  7. It looks wonderful! I love the quilting and your fabric choices. Very summer-y. :)

  8. This is just a beautiful quilt! I love everything about it, the fabrics, the arrangement, and the quilting. And such a wonderful back too! Great work!

  9. Lovely colours, lovely quilt, so fresh looking xxx