Saturday, April 21, 2012

52 lists in 52 weeks//week 46 and Some Randomosity

This week's list makes me a little uneasy: List what you'd do with an enormous amount of money. I live comfortably, and have never really had the ambition to be rich, though by the world's standards, of course I am. But in the spirit of the list project, I'll play along. So in no particular order:

A new car - probably a hybrid, leather interior would be nice, and a sun roof. *** A new house or remodelling on our current one - it's a regular debate. *** Travel - continental and abroad. Just about anywhere. But not the moon. *** Donate to good causes - wells for clean water, cures for diseases. Totally. *** A professionally landscaped yard. *** Gifts for my family - their choice! Wouldn't that be fun?

Now for some random odds and ends . . .

I thought this discussion about the difference between patterns and tutorials was interesting.

Pretty sure I won't be able to fit in the Patchwork Prism QAL, but this is sure one awesome quilt!

You've probably been hearing about PicMonkey, a new "feature-rich, free online photo editor that works right in your browser". Personally, I'm impressed. Being a novice at Photoshop, I found PicMonkey really easy and fun to use. Curious what you think if you've had a chance to dabble with it.

And in project updates, I've managed to piece all the rows of Hopscotch, and have just two more seams left to stitch those rows together. Whew!


  1. Hard to think of things to buy if we were rich when we already feel rich, know what I mean? I think you do. :)

    The hopscotch looks awesome.

  2. I think your List is wonderful. And you already know my thoughts on PicMonkey!

  3. Hopscotch is looking great! I have had a little play with PicMonkey and it looks great! Your 'lottery win' list is just like mine!!!

  4. Having literally just paid off all my student debts, I'm currently feeling rich just with my regular income lol Don't think I'll be doing anything major with it mind, it's not THAT much ;o)

    Loving your hopscotch.

    Not got time for that QAL either, and I think it would be so precise with the matching of points it would stress me out too much.

    I'm a Photoshop user, but have fun!

  5. Not the moon? Don't really blame you for that one, but the rest of the list is great. I haven't had a chance to play around with PicMonkey yet but it does sound fun. Hopscotch is looking fabulous!

  6. I thought that was an interesting discussion too. I'd love to join the prism QAL, but yeah...not sure yet if the time is there. I've played around with PicMonkey a bit, and I'm definitely a fan. Great to know there's another option online when we need it!