Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday at the Table

Farro. Do you know it?
A type of hard wheat, I discovered it a year or two ago, and go through spurts of cooking with it. I've seen it mentioned around blogland alot recently, and I was reminded again of how much I like it.

First it was Audrie over at Blue is Bleu - she shared an amusing convo with her hubs regarding farro, and served hers fried up with ham and broccoli rabe, topped with fried eggs. Then over on chez us, there was a yummy sounding recipe for Farro and Roasted Broccolini Salad.

Personally, my go-to recipe is the first one I ever tried - Citrus Parmesan Farro Salad by Heidi Swanson at 101 Cookbooks. (Heidi has several more tasty-sounding farro recipes here.) Sometimes, when I don't have the exact ingredients for her recipe, I use the basic formula of farro-dressing-veg-cheese and use ingredients I have on hand. Last weekend, I used the leftover dressing from Friday's Table Tidbit; spinach, tomato, and shelled edamame instead of the mixed greens; and crumbled feta in place of the Parmesan. Delish.
If you haven't tried farro, do! And if you have a recipe that uses it, please do share!


  1. That salad looks delicious, Debbie! And great for summer. I found a recipe for a three grain salad the other day that I think looks great but of course here in small town America the grocery stores don't carry the main ingredient-wheat berries. Wheat fields all around us though... So I'll have to wait until we go to the big city and pick some up, along with farro to try your salad. Though I may end up trying both with barley and seeing how it goes!

  2. Hmm, haven't tried it, but I've been wary of trying new grains since a horrible run in with quinnoa a few years ago (turns out I'm very allergic)

  3. I have not heard of this. I have issues with eating whole grains. They don't like me. :) I like them though, so I may have to try this.

  4. Oh yummy! Funny how I don't even know what Farro tastes like but I can only imagine how good it is. I love all whole grains and luckily have no issues with them. Sorry for being tardy - very busy day at school required all of my attention this morning. Expect an e-mail response from me tonight...so busy - but the light is at the end of the tunnel. :)