Thursday, August 30, 2012

An {herbal} Table Winner!

 A Quilter’s Table
I don't know about you, but I've really enjoyed The Table this summer. I have tried oodles of new recipes,  made a couple of kitcheny projects, and had my first guest-poster! It's added to the fun to have you join in on the {summer}, {picnic}, and {herbal} themes! Thank you!

With the monthly focuses have been monthly link parties, and from what I hear, you've liked that. So I think we'll continue into fall with having one linky on the first Tuesday of each month, and just link back to that each following week. I'm thinking we'll let September be all random, and if you clamour for more monthly themes, I can certainly consider that - so let me know ok?

Meanwhile, we have a random winner for Tuesday at the {herbal} Table!
And that would be Allison of Dreaming in Patchwork! A relative newcomer to Tuesday at the Table, she shared this month about her family's recent outing to the Farmer's Market. Thanks, Allison - I'll be emailing you about the prize you've won. Thanks again to the donors of this month's great prizes -

And being the number person that I am, I was curious about The Table's summer stats, so for those who are like-minded ~ 40 different people linked up to The Table, with a total of 93 link-ups. And the person who linked up the most was Kirsten of Gemini Stitches (8 times!). Kirsten and I have traded U.S.-only and Australia-only DS fabric a few times, and I certainly hope she can use the extra little prize I have for her . . . a $25 gift certificate to Sew Fresh Fabrics!

Thanks to all of you for joining me around The Table! It's been good.


  1. CONGRATS to the winners and YAY for the Table :)

  2. These have been fun Debbie - looking forward to September. And congrats to your winners :)

  3. congrats to the winner, and congrats to you for hosting this!! Can we link up in September appliances? does that constitute "at the table" if it helps you get it to the table? hahah If you need further clarification I can email you :)

  4. YAY to Allison and Kirsten! T@T is fun stuff!

  5. I must share that I had an idea for this past Tuesday but couldn't find the time to execute it.
    Ok get this - "Herbs on Film". As I was/still am a big Duran Duran fan and was able to go see them in concert for the very first time last month, one of their songs was stuck in my head all day Monday and I was going to coordinate that with the {herbal} Table. Hmmm - maybe for the random September? :)

  6. Thank you so much Debbie - I will certainly put it to good use:) Congratulations to Allison too. And I like Susan's comment above - I saw Duran Duran when I was a teenager and "Girls on Film" is my favourite song!