Wednesday, August 29, 2012

W.i.P. Wednesday

Just a last-minute reminder that if you'd like to link up to Tuesday at the {herbal} Table, the deadline is midnight tonight! Any table projects out there? We'd love to see them and you'd have a chance at a great prize! Meanwhile, it's W.i.P. Wednesday, and time to check out what's been going on in the sewing room.

Completed projects
Zakka Style Sew-Along project #21: Sweet Memories Photo Frame - The patchwork was the most enjoyabel part of this little project. That and taking it to the office where it coordinates great with the quilt hanging out there.

Ongoing projects
Improv Log-Cabin Quilt - The process alone has been worth the time spent on this little quilt. I tell ya, the Essex is awesome to quilt. I'll share more about this project when it's time for a wrap-up post. Obviously, now it's time for binding . . .

Zakka Style Sew-Along project #22: Pleated Coin Purse - I've almost got the 'purse' all stitched up & ready to try my hand at attaching the frame. So far so good, but I'm kinda nervous about the last step!

I've also been a little busy dealing with Polaroid blocks, but it's going really well! Can hardly stand the cuteness of some of the blocks!

Upcoming projects
* more Zakka - only two more to go! (sad but true)
* a quilt to coordinate with my Christmas tree skirt
* scrappy Metrolink
* Modern Cross quilt for my sister-in-law
* EZ Dresden Challenge project

Linking up with W.i.P. Wednesday, where Michelle of City House Studio is hosting!


  1. Your pleated coin purse is looking fab! Is it a gluing or sewing last step?

  2. So, I see you got started on your little purse.
    I don't think you need to be nervous about attaching the frame. You have come this far. Maybe search on YouTube?

  3. Your patchwork frame is adorable, Debbie!
    And I love the improv with linen - can't wait to hear more about it!

  4. Your projects are looking really great! I'm curious about the Essex. Is that the linen, or the linen blend? You say it's nice to quilt, how is it in piecing? Hmmmm. Still thinking about the sparkle punch background - I am the worst decision maker!!

  5. To Heather & others: The Essex is: 55% LINEN, 45% COTTON. It is awesome to sew too - all around nice fabric. Just a tad heavier than our regular cotton, but they work really nice together - it's what I've used most in my Zakka projects....

  6. I'm bummed that I missed your Tuesday at the {herbal} Table. It sounds fun. Great projects as always, Debbie. Loving that green/gray palette on the photo frame!

  7. it is crazy to think that i need to start thinking about christmas gifts!

  8. Love that mini, and I'm sure you'll do fine with the purse :o)

  9. The Improv Log-Cabin Quilt looks amazing. SO glad you found a good project for your linnen mix :)

  10. The improv looks good so far. Good luck on sewing up the purse =D

  11. Beautiful projects! Love your improv quilt.

  12. such lovely projects!!! Love that little improv quit, looks fantastic, very improv, just perfect!!!

  13. I love the way your frame turned out, and I adore the improv log cabin quilt! Essex linen is just the best.