Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oilcloth Pillows

When hubby, mom, and I were on vacation last month, we happened upon a quilt shop one day. And there we purchased a yard of oilcloth, with the intent to make mom some deck pillows.

Fast forward several weeks, and I decide those pillows would be a quick and perfect project for the evening. My Instagram buddies had given me some pointers - NO iron(!), painters tape on the bottom of my sewing foot OR a Teflon foot (which I don't have), jean needle. AND they confirmed the fact that I was working with oilcloth as apposed to laminated cotton. Boy those guys are helpful and johnny on the spot!

I searched around for a tutorial for an envelope-back pillow, finally choosing this one by lovesome, and it ended up being absolutely perfect. In about 20 minutes, I had made this! (18" square)
Egged on by my success, I quickly made up another! (12"x18")
How easy was that?! VERY.

Here are some other links that I found informative:
Oilcloth tips
Oilcloth Love {Sewing Tutorials}
Q & A: Oilcloth vs. Laminated Cotton vs. Chalkcloth
Oilcloth Addict - all sorts of projects!

And since I'm hoping to try laminated cotton one of these days, I thought I'd go ahead and include some links with this post. Kinda seems related.
Laminated cotton sewing tips
More Tips for sewing with laminated cotton
Pink Chalk's Laminated Cotton Pinterest board

So consider these if you're looking to spruce up your deck. Pretty fun, if you ask me. Mom thinks so too!


  1. These are fabulous! I have used laminated cotton (I think!) for a 'wet bag'! It is a fun material to use...just not sure how to tell the difference between that an oilcloth. Is there an easy way to know?

  2. beautiful. now my deck wants petty pillows too. sigh.

  3. Thanks for the clarification between oil cloth and laminate cotton and the links. I have some LC and its been staring at me to "make me into something". I will look at all you shared. Nice post and beautiful pillows!

  4. Very pretty Debbie. I'm sure your Mom is very pleased

  5. these are fantastic, so pretty and cheerful.

  6. I love the print on these! Great job, Debbie!!

  7. Fun! And good tips too, though not sure if I'd ever work with oilcloth. But for future reference, you never know, right?

  8. To answer Patchwork and Play's question:
    The oilcloth is much heavier, and there is a sort of 'grid' on the back side.
    The laminated cotton is much thinner, actually has a nice drape, and is soft and 'cottony' on the back side.
    Similar look on the 'right' side but very different 'hand' and texture on the back.

  9. Beautiful!

    A great place to find a lot of laminated fabric is

    I bought an Amy Butler print to cover my dining room chairs with over a year and a half ago and it is still going strong - with 5 kids abusing it! :) It is much tougher than I thought it would be.

  10. Thanks for the idea, my outdoor fabric pillows dont usually hold up so I've been without this last year..wondering if the raccoons will have more or less fun dragging these across the yard :|

  11. They came out great! I wonder how the colours will hold up in the sun

  12. Thanks for the tips and links, I always wondered about that stuff. That's a pretty print too!

  13. Thanks for sharing our blog posts!

    Kelly @ oilcloth addict

  14. These are simply darling! What a nice accent to outdoor furniture. Hmm. We have a indoor/outdoor lanai with comfy chairs that might use a spot of color... Thanks for the tips and pointers too. I knew that sewing on it would require a special sewing machine foot (Teflon), but I didn't know painter's tape did the trick. Great info!

  15. So helpful to have friends in the know - and now I've got my cheater notes for when I make something with oilcloth.

  16. Beautiful pillows! I've been doing some projects for Lisa--and probably would get into some oil cloth pillows for their screened patio if only I were here longer! Maybe next trip! I did complete a couple of valances and curtains for her kitchen that match he uphostery fabric we used on her chairs. Also did some little princess skirts for the girls' Smurfette dolls. Pillows for the kids bench and beds are on my list for this weekend...along with the beach,art show, and family fishing trip time!
    Thanks for the pillow tips!