Friday, November 28, 2014

do.Good Intersections

So it's my turn to plan FAITH Circle's December quilt. Yes, I'm just a tad early, but considering how busy the next few weeks will probably be, I figured it would be doing my bee a favor to at least let them know the plan. Well, it's only been a week since Ashley/Film in the Fridge posted her intersection quilt, and subsequent block tutorial. Then and there, I knew it would be a great choice for our next quilt.
Here's the palette I've chosen, courtesy of design seeds.
color wave
I can seem to resist these cool colors, can I? I'm asking for pale or medium blue, aqua, pale gray, yellowy green or light lime, and creamy white. And my bee-mate Anita/RhubarbPatch/bloominworkshop jumped right in and already made her blocks! Aren't they terrific?
Dec. blocks for #faithcircle of #dogoodstitches Thanks Debbie for the chance to get them done early! @aquilterstable
I'm feeling good about this!


  1. a great choice! this will be a stunning quilt. can't wait to see it all come together

  2. Ooooo..very nice. Great color choices.

  3. These would have to be my favourite colour palettes too Debbie! And your blocks look so crisp and fresh!

  4. Fun to see these blocks pop up in my feed--so refreshing and very interesting with those bordering strips to the center cross. Can't wait to see how this one looks made up!


  5. Fabulous block and palette. This will be a great quilt. On my to do list. Love those blocks

  6. It's going to be a great quilt with that palette.

  7. I'm definitely drawn to cool colour palettes.