Friday, November 7, 2014

Time to Retreat

I am ill-prepared for what today has to hold. The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild is going on retreat and let's just say I've done little to prepare. Knowing me, pulling together clothes and personal items won't take me long, but the projects!! Historically, I always take more than enough on any retreat I go on, but I never know what I'm going to feel like working on. So here's the list! Come next week, hopefully I have at least a few finishes to share!
  1. Striped Strip quilt - just a little hand-quilting and I'll be done.

2. The Great Pillow Fight swap project - I seriously need to choose a pattern and go for it! I have added to this fun stack of fabric just a bit, so I have plenty to work with. I think I'll get started on a couple of different blocks and see what my partner thinks.

3. Cross-stitch blocks - I have close to 100 little blocks already done, with scraps pulled for more. Though I had a quilt plan drafted, I think I'm going to rethink it. Plus I may need more Kona Ash to finish, but hopefully I'll at least make progress.

4. Bee blocks - 3 this month, including 1 pretty time-consuming paper-pieced one. Also some stars and butterflies...

5. Mug rug for my coworker - She loves the wonky cross quilt hanging on my office way, so I'll take inspiration from there.

6. Boxy bag - I've come up with my own pattern and made a prototype, so now I need to make it up for real. Fingers crossed!

7. Pouch pattern testing - I've already tested a pattern for a bloggy friend, and she'll be posting about it soon. I'd just like to try a variation before I tell you all about it next week.

8. HSR blocks - from the Always Bee Learning Bee - not sure about this one, but I'm packing it just in case.

9. Oakshott scraps - just for fun. No plan yet.

10. Christmas gift bags - we'll see. It would be nice, but.
There. Ten should be enough, don't you think? Here's to sewing retreats and actually getting some sewing done! {wink}


  1. I can relate. Sometimes I pack a ton and other times I focus on just one or two projects. If I start packing my projects now for next weekend I'd probably do well but odd are it'll be a last minute scramble. Oh, and don't get me started on just how unreasonably long the loading of the car takes! Have a blast.

  2. Oh yes, more than enough! Have fun and enjoy all that sewing time!

  3. Have fun at your retreat. When I go to a sew-in I like to take something that I can finish. For some reason putting that last stitch in in the middle of chatter and food, just feels better than when I do it at home -- although I'll take the "rush" of a finish at home also!

  4. I don't sound pretty prepared to me! Have fun!!!

  5. I spent hours packing up for a retreat last weekend and had a huge bag of stuff I could do. I spent most of a day making one of the projects, and then spent the rest of the weekend handquilting with my friend who really wanted to make progress on the wedding quilt for her daughter. So I could have taken one tiny bag of goodies instead, lol!

  6. Wow, you're going on a two week retreat?! You know if you are able to bring it in your car, why not. I hope you have fun.

  7. Sounds to me like you'll have plenty to keep you busy! I really like this last triangle quilt. Those colors are great.

  8. wow, that's a lot of great projects. Have tons of fun at the retreat.

  9. Looks like you are well supplied for whatever mood you find yourself in! Hope it's a productive retreat :o)