Thursday, October 29, 2015

Improv Xs

Well it's my turn to plan FAITH Circle's November quilt, and we're going with improv. Simple X-blocks, all pieced together into a 12.5"x 24.5" strip. I'm asking for 2 or more blocks per strip, with smaller blocks in finished widths of 4", 6", 8" or 12".

For colors, we'll be using any shade of blue for backgrounds; any blue, turquoise, teal, or bright green for the crosses. An occasional gold or orange would be ok in the cross strips too. I learned way back in my first month as a quilter for FAITH Circle that a bit of warm with the cool can't hurt.

I've also encouraged any contrasting bits in the Xs. I mostly used block trimmings from one block to make the 'arms' of another, piecing strips together randomly to get the lengths I needed. Note that depending on the size of the beginning fabric and the ending block, the Xs sometimes hit the corners of the block, sometimes not. I like that! Hopefully the group enjoys making these as much as I did.


  1. Looks great - so curious about the finished quilt

  2. They are really great Debbie! You really have a feel for this improv style! And I love the colour palette- the blue is so calming and those little bits of yellow are like sparks of light!

  3. What about x-strip width? Keep them skinny like yours?

    1. Laura - see the flickr discussion for more specifics, but I'm asking for all strips to be cut 1" to finish at 1/2".

  4. I love it! Love the elongated ones -- great idea to not make them all squares! And the contrasting bits are fantastic!

  5. these are really cool. fun idea, can't wait to watch it come together

  6. Oh, I just love seeing others improv work. I stuggle with improv projects myself, so I just prefer to google other people's projects from afar. Lovely blues!

    Greetings from Germany!

  7. These are so cool! I love that you used trimmings for the x's.