Monday, October 19, 2015

Midway Medallions

You've seen my medallion quilt as I've worked on it through the year, and I thought you might enjoy seeing some other medallion works-in-progress. All the makers are members of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild, and you can see this year's monthly border assignments on our blog. I know there are a few more where I either couldn't identify the maker, or connect for permission to share, so you might want to check out the Instagram hashtag #seamqgbom. But here's most of them, with links to their Instagram accounts if you'd like to see more.







Matt/odditease (yes, Matt is making 2!)


We've all got at least a couple of borders to go, and I'll be sharing round-up posts for the guild to get us through all the finishing. Here's the first on squaring a quilt, ideas for quilt backs, and basting. I'm excited to see all of these quilts progress!


  1. So fun seeing what eve gone has done! A medallion is on my ever growing endless list too, thanks for sharing these Debbie.

  2. Each and every one is so terrific! Wish I could hang with ya'll for awhile!!

  3. Ooh, I thought I loved that triangle border before, but Rachel's addition of a strip? Yeah, it's definitely on my medallion border list. Love seeing all the interpretations!

  4. Thanks for showing all these wonderful examples of medallion quilts!!!!

  5. I absolutely LOVE how all of the quilts are turning out differently!!!

  6. Before seeing all these designs, I would have said "Medallion-style quilts are traditional." But obviously, with some wonky blocks and modern fabrics, I am wrong. Love seeing this great variety.

  7. Truly fantastic. Each quilt is quite unique and speaks to my heart. Thank you.