Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday at the Table

So what's with the copper mugs?

On one of our last nights of vacation last month, we consulted yelp for dinner suggestions and ended up at the Elements Tapas Bar. While we waited for food to start coming, we perused the drink menu, and I mentioned to hubby I'd been seeing the Moscow Mule on menus all summer. So we did the obvious and tried one, and lo and behold, it came in an icy cold copper mug. Nice touch, right? {tasty too!} Come to find out, that's tradition, originally (and maybe still?) a marketing ploy! But when hubby started making Moscow Mules at home, he made sure they came out of the kitchen in copper mugs. As it should be.


  1. I need to jump on this band wagon! I wonder if it is difficult to find the copper mugs. Seems like a yummy beverage!

  2. My dad always prefered to drink his cold tap beer out of a copper mug or copper kettle. His two mugs are now my husband's. Beer really tastes better out of copper. But it has to be cold and from a tapper.