Monday, January 6, 2020


So I made another Pop Open Pouch over the weekend, and realized that though I mentioned making one in my holiday sewing recap, I didn't really tell you much about it.

The pattern is by Aneela Hoey, and it features pleats on the corners and a long zipper, that indeed let it "pop-open." I fully intend to make even more of these pouches. At 10" x 5"x 5", with that pop-open feature and extra-long zipper, they're more than a pouch you'd carry in your purse. And using just a fat-quarter for each the exterior, and interior, they are good stash-busters. I must have spent/wasted an hour just picking out fabric for this one. As one does, of course.

One detail I really love is how Aneela finishes off the boxed corners - something I had never seen before and plan to try to apply to other projects. Basically, after boxing the corners, she sews the lining and exterior corners together, which makes for a really wonderfully snug fit in the pouch's interior.

I finished this one off with a black leather zipper end tab and a length of suede lacing for a pull. Love those little details.

Oh, and for once I thought to add one of my leather labels. For the record, fabric was a Maker Maker cotton/linen blend (left over from my Traverse bag) with Spark in bright blue from Melody Miller for the lining, and a metal zip from Zipit. All stash finds, which is always perfect for a little project such as this, don't you think?


  1. That's a great finish all around!

  2. It's such a cute finish. I think it looks professional because of the metal zipper and your zipper tail/tab and pull. Now I'm thinking about the dozens of ZipIt nylon zippers I own, and not a single metal one in the bunch! Of course.

  3. I really love this little pouch! It almost, almost makes me want to try it for myself. Since that won't happen...I'll just admire yours with all the perfect little details you added!

  4. I love it! Cute and practical! The gray and blue are a nice combo. And Aneela's patterns are so great. I'll have to add this one to my list to future pouches. One can never have too many pouches!

  5. Great fabric combination! Well worth the one hour decision process... which probably also included some fabric petting :)
    PS: Lovely details.

  6. All great decisions! Very polished looking! I have a goal this year of getting labels and yours are very nice!