Friday, January 3, 2020

2019 Finish-A-Long :: Q4 Finishes

Knowing my Q4 list was ambitious, I basically had listed all of my works in progress, which included three large quilts, during the holidays no less. So I am feeling mighty happy to report that I finished two of the four projects.

My Bee Sewcial Modular quilt, a holdover from Q3finally got finished, and boy did that feel good. As often is the case, I struggled with how to puzzle the blocks together, but once I had the vision, execution was a pleasure.

I also managed to finish my meeting doodle quilt, which isn't that large. At 42" x 40", it was basically a playful foray with new fabric and a random sketch. It held no purpose but a little fun, and I enjoyed that bit of exploration.

NOT finished (yet!) are my Begonia quilt nor my 2019 Summer Sampler, which I'm currently piecing into a top. Both will go right on my next quarter's list. Carry on as they say, right?


  1. Much applause here! Yes, carry on.
    I do like your 'meeting doodle'; color and design are super.

  2. two beautiful finishes, I say that's a win!

  3. I would call that a pretty successful quarter indeed! And they are both so beautiful.

  4. Love to hear about your process and see your lovely quilts! I hear you on the struggle that sometimes comes with how to put the blocks together. I have had blocks made for a special quilt for 2 years and just could not figure out a satisfying way to put them together...and then one day I looked at them and thought...oh. I see it now! And the satisfaction you speak of descended on me! Creating is a wonderful but often unpredictable process, non?

  5. Meeting Doodle for the win! My meeting doodles look more like the grocery list. Ha! I have a new aspiration for them.