Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Summer Sampler 2020 :: Brae

Devon Iott of Miss Make designed the latest Summer Sampler block, and her "Brae" was a really fun (and quick!) sew. I felt like I made really good use of my tools and skills with this one, beginning by using my 28mm rotary cutter to cut my fabric pieces using the included template. With just four fairly good sized curved seams to deal with , I chose to use a small glue stick to 'baste' the curves before sewing them with a scant quarter-inch seam. All that brought them together in no time.

There was a very intriguing construction method, I thought, much like HSTs, but it required some precise trimming, and thankfully that went swimmingly. In no time at all, Brae was pieced, pressed, and added to the growing stack of blocks.

Week 1: Trellis     Week 2: Infinite Pinwheels
Week 3: Lakeside     Week 4: Tide Pool


  1. I am fascinated by this block! I'm glad to see curves given the theme for this summer. :)

  2. what a cool and interesting block.

  3. I love this block! I wish I could see a quilt that has just this block in it...it's really interesting. Glue stick to the rescue!

  4. The precision of this block really appeals to me, and the curves makes it even better. It's quite a unique block, and will look great in your quilt.

  5. Nice block. I'd love to see what a quilt full of these blocks looks like. Just noticed that Jayne said the same thing.