Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Summer Sampler 2020 :: Tide Pool

This week's Summer Sampler block is Tide Pool by Lee Heinrich. At first I thought I'd piece it traditionally, since I'm not a huge paper-piecing fan. But I figured, why not for accuracy's sake, and it went together so smoothly. It was nice Lee gave the option to construct either way.

I also was second-guessing those two 'grid' fabrics next to each other. I'd already cut out the fabrics according to the pattern before I realized what the implications would be. When I did, I rearranged everything for a bit, but decided I could live with it, and now that the block's done, I'm actually ok with it.

So! Four blocks are done, and I'm really liking how they look together!

Week 1: Trellis Week 2: Infinite Pinwheels
Week 3: Lakeside


  1. I would have paused to consider the two grid prints by each other as well. It came together nicely and seeing the blocks together is my favorite part of each week. :)

  2. Your fabric choices are just fine, as is the arrangement of them. It's a lovely block and I have no doubt that the quilt finish will be spectacular!

  3. funny how we question placement and sometimes it comes out just perfectly despite our doubts. such a lovely block!

  4. These look so great together. I love the fabric pull you've done for this. Glad to hear someone else is not a fan of paper piecing. I always struggle with the method, but this one wasn't too bad once I got into the rhythm.