Friday, December 18, 2020

My New Favorite Thing

In a recent newsletter, Carolyn Friedlander shared some dishtowels she had made, and suddenly I really wanted to make some for a gift. Carolyn had made hers from her Euclid fabric, a linen-cotton blend, so using what I had on hand, I chose a pairing of Essex Yarn Dyed in Charcoal (I think) and a stripe, Essex Yarn Dyed Classic Wovens in Steel. I used the same tutorial Carolyn had from Purl SohoClassic Mitered Corner Dishtowels.

It was suggested to prewash the fabric, and uncharacteristically but obediently, I did. I knew immediately after that it was the right thing to do - the hand of the fabric was so lovely. And you know? Those mitered corners sewed up like a charm. Unfortunately I totally didn't think to get a photo of them on the back side, but trust me, they are neat and tidy.

And from there, the towels sewed up like a dream. Though I thought the stripes could stand on their own, I echoed them by hand-stitching on the plain gray using perle cotton. At 15" x 25", the towels are a nice size - not too big, not too small. You know now I really want to make some for myself!


  1. Debbie, these dish towels look wonderful! Such a nice gift too, especially with your hand stitching involved. You were right. Adding the hand stitched stripes was a perfect detail to complete and compliment this set of towels.

  2. Your dish towels are classic!
    I have a 'thing' for dish towels, I think it comes from spending time in my grandmother's warm kitchen and seeing her collection of kitchen towels. Some were embroidered, some she had sewn up, all with a story.
    Lots of inspiration!

  3. Oh didn't they turn out just lovely!!:))) They would make such a beautiful hostess gift--they really look professionally made! Nice work on these ;))
    Hugs From Winter Wonderland here... Julierose

  4. how beautiful! a very nice gift

  5. They are lovely, a perfect gift! The stitching adds a beautiful touch too

  6. Such a beautiful gift! I love the hand-stitching.