Sunday, December 20, 2020

The Scrapmaster

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining in with South Florida MQG to hear Jill Fisher/Pie Lady Quilts speak on "Unlocking the Joy in Scraps." Please tell me you already follow Jill. If you enjoy sewing with your scraps or have even the slightest inclination towards improv, I highly suggest doing so. 

I've been following Jill for years, and in addition to her amazing quilts, she tells the best quilt stories I know (here's an old favorite). During the trunk show yesterday, it had to be obvious to everyone, that Jill not only loves and tells a great quilt story, but they are a key element to most of what she does. Jill also has very good advice. She's got me thinking about how scraps from one project can lead to another - and another - and on and on. And about 'responding to' our work as it progresses, rather than over-thinking it. And her manta, which is thankfully one I already know and adhere to myself, "Just sew!"

See Jill's most current work in The Closet Game - it was so hard to pick just one to share here - and when you get a chance, lose yourself in her other quilts and their stories. You won't be sorry.


  1. Thank you, Debbie! It meant a lot to me that you made time to come to the meeting. Your encouragement and friendship have helped me tremendously. I appreciate all the inspiration and news that your posts (IG and blog) and newsletter provide. ❤️

  2. what a treat! ah the benefits of covid, visiting other guilds through technology! thanks for introducing me to someone new to me and inspiring!

  3. Jill is one of my favorites-- her quilts are so playful and beautiful!

  4. Thank you for introducing me to Jill- I definitely will be following her and I LOVE that story!!!