Monday, May 9, 2022

Yo Yo Rainbow Stitchalong

Yeah, there's another stitchalong with one of  Rebecca Ringquist's Dropcloth Samplers, starting today! We'll be stitching the new Yo Yo Rainbow sampler, and once again, Rebecca has curated a thread sampler as well. There are nine variegated spools of #8 perle cotton threads from Wonderfil Specialty Threads.

For my own future reference, I'm going to list the threads included in the collection:

EZM1003-Fuchsia  ~  EZM1081-Rain Forest  ~  EZM1058-Lemon Meringue
EZM1027-Seaside Cabana  ~  EZM1043-Sugar Rush  ~  EZM1090-Cranberry
EZM1022-Azure Eyes  ~  EZM1096-Scorched  ~  EZM1038-Nocturnal

Don't they have great names? They are all new colors to me, and since - believe it or now - I'm running low or have already used up several of my variegated threads, I went ahead and ordered the new collection too. 

I always back my samplers with a layer of Essex cotton-linen blend, so that's all set, and I'm definitely ready to start stitching!


  1. Ooooh, the names are fabulous. Sugar Rush, Scorched, and Nocturnal are the ones that speak to me now, but I bet others will later. Have fun!

  2. Yes, that is going to be gorgeous! Stitching is habit forming. Thanks for sharing all the fun colors.

  3. those threads are beautiful!

  4. Such fun names! Lydia liked the Sugar Rush the best! It has all her favorite colors in it. Nice variegation. I may just have to invest in some of those threads! Can hardly wait to see your fin