Thursday, September 1, 2022

Ice Cream Social

Whew! It feels like the Ice Cream Social sampler took forever, but I guess I started it and finished it all during August. A sewalong was once again hosted by Rebecca Ringquist of Dropcloth Samplers, though my timing didn't always match up. 

I really enjoyed stitching up the cones, trying to do a few different stitching patterns. 

And from there it was figuring out all the ice cream flavors and colors! 

I struggled a little with choosing stitches for the ice creams, not really wanting to use satin stitch throughout. So you'll also see a little chain stitch, French knots, and brick stitch, with plenty of back stitch. From there, it was just filling in around the ice cream cones and adding a LOT of sprinkles!

And I know some of you love seeing the back, so here it is.... Honestly, I don't pay much attention to it as I'm stitching - obviously! 

Whatever, it's done! And with that, I'll hopefully be back to working on hand-piecing my bowtie blocks into a quilt top. Though I can guarantee you, I'll be back doing some embroidery before too long.


  1. The waffle cone textures and colors are so fantastic. It makes me hungry for some ice cream! If you are interested, we currently make our own "banana-cream" by freezing 1.5-2 large, ripe bananas in 1-2" long sections (be sure to cut apart before freezing!). Then we place the frozen banana in a food processor and blend, adding 1.5 tablespoons of cocoa powder and a dash of vanilla. Blend until the "banana-cream" starts to roll around the processor (thus getting all of the small chunks broken up). It's a yummy summer treat!

  2. Your stitching looks really great! I am getting close to done with mine as well. Wasn't this such a fun one to do?

  3. This is just too, too fun! I really like the different stitches you selected for the cones. And your ice cream stitches and toppings are delightful. There's a whole lot more stitching in this than one might think, so I can appreciate how much time you must have spent on it. By now you must have quite a collection of Drop Cloth Samplers. Maybe enough to make a quilt from them? Or would that not look good?

  4. Delightful--that is a scrumptious word! The ice cream cones are so cute--what a fun summer project and it would make a great pillow topper! Bring it to the table when it is time for ice cream cones! Yum! Continued blessings as you stitch more delightful creations!