Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Mini Series Sew Along :: Courthouse Steps + Diamond Sidestep

Well it's week two of the Mini Series Sew Along, and this week's blocks were just as fun as last week! I've really enjoyed choosing what range of my fabrics to use for each block.

First up was a Courthouse Steps block, one I've visited again and again on larger scales.

And then there was the Diamond Sidestep, a relatively quick block, with plenty of that fun background fabric.

Next week is a bonus sewing week - a time to catch up - though obviously I don't need that. ;-) I've been having the opposite problem... it's been hard to stop making blocks!


  1. Your blocks look wonderful together. I like the balance of so much color versus the fun background print in the different blocks. too!

  2. These blocks are looking so great. I cannot wait to see the rest and to see what they become!

  3. I love your blocks and especially the back ground fabric, what is it and whose design?
    Amazing piecing skills Debbie.