Monday, April 17, 2023

Aurifil Artisan Challenge :: Neon Threads

The Aurifil Artisan Neon Challenge was an 'extra' challenge available to the artisans as Aurifil was working closely with Freespirit Fabrics and Tula Pink on an influencer tour. Our challenge was separate from that, but still highlighting the new limited edition 50 wt neon threads7000 [Neon Orange], 7001 [Neon Yellow], and 7002 [Neon Pink].

We each received three small spools of the neon threads, and our challenge was to use all three - in one project or several. I chose to combine them in one project - a small quilt inspired by Minimal III from Gwen Marston's Minimal Quiltmaking. I thought a simple solid quilt design would be an ideal vehicle for showing off those neons. The fabrics I chose were Kona Black, Key Lime, Persimmon, Acid Lime, and an unknown pink. 

Once my simple design came together, I created a pieced quilt back with project leftovers and a few coordinating stashed prints.

Early on, I had a quilting plan in mind - both vertical straight line and 'fancy' zig zags across the quilt. 

I'm really pleased with that choice, though I learned as I began that the threads showed up best on the black fabric. In retrospect I would have used more black fabric in my design, but still, I'm happy with the resultant look. And of course, the texture is divine.

The quilt finished at 40.5" x 41.5" with matched binding, an obvious choice. It's a fun one, and I'm really glad I got the chance to play with those neon threads.

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  1. Oh what fun! I might need those threads - haha! I've been playing with Aurifil 12 wt, and finding I thoroughly enjoy hand stitching with it. I'm just stitching some simple running stitches over some fabric bits, and it's very calming and peaceful in the evenings.

  2. The matched binding is a perfect choice and I like how the threads really disappear into the brighter fabrics. Looks like a fun one to make!

  3. Say yes to being influenced by Gwen Marston's Minimal QuiltMaking.
    Beautiful and striking finish! Your design, machine quilting and thread color are super!

  4. The threads show up wonderfully on the black, but I like the overall design a lot as is - especially with the matched binding. And with that fun back it is a two-sided quilt! xo

  5. Well done on the challenge & the quilting really does make a difference on a simple top.
    Take care.