Monday, April 3, 2023

March Fabric Usage

March was a good sewing month. Two quilt finishes, with two more very close, added up to some decent fabric usage. Then there were a potholder pair, BOM and bee blocks, and even a couple of gift bags.  All that more than compensated for the fabric intake, which was primarily being curated for very specific projects - the aforementioned BOM and the Pantone Quilt Challenge.

There was another, quite unexpected, acquisition - a "jelly roll" of original Cotton + Steel from my daughter Rachel @snippetsofsweetness. I couldn't resist saying yes to her offer. I estimate that the roll contains a little over a yard and a half worth of fabric, and can imagine it maybe becoming a scrappy binding for a C+S quilt, or who knows. For now it's stashed for a future project.

So even though I brought in a nice stack of fabric, the month's busy-ness made the stats look pretty good. On to April!

March Fabric Usage
Used up: 21.66 yards
Brought in: 10.15 yards
Net: -11.51 yards


  1. Your stats look great for the month to me; double digits went out!

  2. Say yes to using up more fabric than you bring in! Good for you.
    And the jelly roll of original C+S looks fun, what a treat!

  3. Cool stats! That is the thing: One needs a finish or two to counter the fabric intake. Good on you for all the projects :) I sure hoped I could finish one or two in April. And now it is already halfway gone *insert eyeroll. xo