Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Pantone Quilt Challenge Inspiration and Progress

They say inspiration is everywhere. So it's not weird at all to get quilt inspiration from a drink coaster, right? I saw a quilt in this right off months ago and finally am planning to use it as my initial inspiration for the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2023.

AND I've chosen my fabrics to start (L-R):

I began my Viva Magenta project by making some striped slabs, with no end vision YET. 

I DID decide to add Kona Coal to my original palette though, and will use less Kona Silver going forward. So there's that, plus I've been cutting the pieced strips into angled sections. Anything more than that remains to be seen.

I confess I'm jumping around between projects lately, but I have oodles of fabric strips cut out and ready to sew, so hoping to see progress on this one soon.


  1. The Kona Coal really ties it back into the original inspiration for me. I love the gradients that are created and I look forward to seeing how this evolves for you.

  2. Love that you added the Coal. I think it adds so much more depth. xo

  3. 'Oodles of fabric strips', how fun! and yes, the Kona coal does provide good contrast.
    There is sun peeking through the clouds today here, how about where you are?