Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Brown Crush

Still plugging along with my 100 Day Project, aka 100 days of scraps, I dumped my scrap basket out and gathered all of my brown scraps and pieced them into a big ole slab.

Then I used my 12" Clammy ruler, and cut out circles, not quite sure what I was going to do with them.

After auditioning several solids (I was originally thinking blues), I settled on Kona Crush, the Kona Color of the Year, as the background fabric, and then played around with layouts. Here's the one I finally chose:

I'd purchased two yards of Crush when it was released, where normally, I just purchase fabrics in half- or one-yard increments. So having two yards on hand was fortuitous, considering I thought it went really great with the browns.

For the quilt back, I went with a pieced back, using both scraps and stash finds, amazed I had some multi-colored prints that were perfect with the Crush + brown mix.

For quilting, I used Aurifil Forty3, a 40wt 3ply thread, 2360 [Chocolate] with 40wt 2360 in the bobbin on all the brown fabrics, and 50wt 2230 [Medium Peony] on the Crush. Considering this was a scrappy quilt with no end purpose in mind, I decided to play a bit, and actually did free motion organic circles in the brown pieced circles, seven in each. I marked them with a chalk marker, using a water glass as a template, then just kind of went for it. Perfect it's not, but I love the look. 

In the background, I went back with my walking foot and did a combo of echoing the circles, and straight lines in all the Crush sections. After all that was done, I went back and used coordinating thread to stitch a simple outline in each of the 'corner' sections. Three quilting designs in one quilt? That may be a record for me. haha

And just for fun, I overlabeled this one - my personal labels from gutenTAGs; as well as other fun ones from SarahHEARTS.

So I really enjoyed this one, making up the design as I went, and trying a few things that weren't my norm. At 41" square, it was a perfect project during my focus on using up scraps.


  1. Congratulations. Looks like tons of design fun! love that Crush. And how did you get those circles on there, applique or?

  2. The prints on the back are perfect! The echo quilting in the Kona Crush is superb (I know I also commented about it on Instagram), but being able to enlarge the last photo in your blog post and see it larger... I can just HEAR the zuuuuup of a marble rolling along.

  3. The Kona Crush with the browns is such a fun twist, and they work together so well. I always enjoy seeing where your creativity takes you, then immediately want to go play with the ideas that come to mind as I see what you've done! Did you use Forty3 in your domestic - I thought it was just for long arms?

  4. Love the organic looking circle quilting. With the multiple lines it does not need to be perfect and might actually hide imperfections quite well... maybe one day ;) xo