Saturday, August 26, 2023

30 Days of Improv :: Curves

We've explored improv stripesl-shapes, triangles, and now in the final week of 30 Days of Improv, curves. Gentle curves was the prompt for our first day of circle week, and I very much enjoyed making this one up as I went along. I think it's up there as one of my favorites of the sewalong.

The focus for Day 2 was piecing small curves. Though I may have gotten carried away with the multitude of different fabrics, it was fun to make a bunch of small curve blocks and then see how they could fit together.

I knew I had less than an hour to tackle Day 3's challenge, which was to break out of the standard curve and add a bigger ‘hump’ to our curves. Not sure I did that, and the result is buusssyyyy, but considering it's made out of some favorite Carolyn Friedlander prints, I'm more than happy with it.

Below is the block I started with for slice & dice day.

And below is the final block, after I basically cut the top and bottom off and swapped them. I kinda wish I still had the original block, but oh well.

And here's my final curves block for the week. Again, I just made a bunch of small curve blocks, then figured out how they could all live together.

TADA..... here are all 20 blocks up on the design wall in the order they were created. (L to R, then down) I'm really looking forward to next week when we start puzzling them into a quilt top. 


  1. Getting to see them all in one photos as a group is really nice, and I look forward to seeing how you choose to put them together.

  2. Fabulous compositions! I just adore the fabric collection you've been working with throughout the QAL!

  3. They all look great together. Feel free to join the Sew and Tell party at Melva Loves Scraps.

  4. You have such good blocks to work with! I know you'll pull them all together into a design that was simply meant to be. I've put mine on the design wall too, but goodness! What a hodge-podge! I'll certainly need to add background fabric so as to give the design breathing room. Enjoy puzzling yours!

  5. Fun to see all your blocks together. I've had moments, too, where I wish I had the old block back, but you just work with what you have, right? I have my top together - it's a bit of chaos, so I probably should've worked with it a bit more, but it seemed a good idea at the time. LOL