Saturday, August 12, 2023

30 Days of Improv :: L Shapes

After a fun first week of 30 Days of Improv focusing on stripes, I was eager to start in on week two's challenge - L shapes. I had played with creating improv letters before with good results, and there are so many possibilities with the L.

The first prompt was to start with a basic L shape and whatever comes to mind, do that! So I did.

Next was to create Ls on a smaller scale, so I used little bits found on my cutting table to start that day's block.

On Wednesday, the challenge was to embrace the wonk. Though my choice of fabrics may have decreased the visibility of the L shapes (there are five), it was a fun block to make, and I still really like this one a lot.

The next challenge was to slice and insert again. I didn't really want to slice up a previous block, so I made a new one to slice up. Here it is before I sliced into it.

And below is my final block. It's always interesting to see the shapes that are created when you sew the pieces back together.

And finally, a bit of a mishmash for Day 5 of L-shapes. At first I didn't like how this block was developing, but in the end, I see even more Ls than I planned, and like it quite a lot.

So that was really fun. I liked playing with the versatile L-shape this week. It was great to see what other folks came up with too!


  1. I really like the eye spy nature of the L blocks!

  2. Debbie, I am loving how you are taking us with you on the journey. Looking forward to next week already ;) xo

  3. This has been a fun shape; I agree. Like you, I didn't want to cut up a previously-made block, so I made a new block to cut up. Every one of yours looks great! I am "reserving" this L-shape to return to later, if/when I need more blocks for the final composition. To me, putting them all together at the end is the biggest, most challenging part of #30daysofimprov,

  4. Always fun to see where your improv takes you. I had fun with the L shapes, and the final block always surprises me. I like the fabrics you are using, you have the best stash!

  5. You have great piecing skills! And I think you did the best job at 'L' rendering, exciting challenge.