Tuesday, August 15, 2023

One More Time

After finishing up my recent Both Sides Now, I had scraps! And rather than toss them in the scrap basket, I started to piece them together, made a small quilt top (first photo), then a few days later, cut it up and pieced it back together again (second photo). Then it waited for me for a couple of weeks while I worked on other things.

So I finally got back to it over the weekend. Luckily I hadn't put away the stack of fabric I'd pulled from to support those scraps - a Marcia Derse print, Spotted Graffiti in Thimbleberry, along with Konas Lipstick, Poppy, Eggplant, Sangria, Tomato, Wine, and Rich Red. Kind of an odd combination, but even so, I really love it.

Along with the quilt front, I'd pieced a back. 

And for quilting, I pulled several Aurifil threads in several weights - 50wt 1103 [Burgundy] and 2250 [Red], 40wt 2570 [Aubergine], and 28wt 2260 [Wine] and 2265 [Lobster Red]. 

I did vertical straight-line quilting with the red threads to start, ranging from 1/16" to 5/16". And then I went back and did some fancy straight-line using the purple. In retrospect, that purple thread stands out an awful lot, but I do enjoy the added angles it adds to the piece.

The piece is bound in Kona Wine and measures 16" x 22.5". I had a little trouble getting good clear photos of it, but the one below is the truest of them all.

This piece was totally for fun, and wouldn't you know, I still have scraps left! Hmmm. What to make?


  1. Another fabulous improv adventure here! Those are some of my fav colors too and your piecing skills did justice.
    The Marcia Derse print 'Spotted Graffiti ' is, I think, one of her best.

  2. I really think the darker and thicker 28wt thread is a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing what else the scraps evolve into!

  3. Sometimes just cutting the piece up and sewing it back together is just the thing. It's a bit nervewracking, but it works, right? At least it did for you with this one! I like the use of the different thread colors and weights, too - I need to remember to play with different thread weights! Scraps beget scraps . . .

  4. Oh, this is a gorgeous piece of art, Debbie! Those colours are magic together and the texture your quilting adds is enticing. I love the magic that comes from piecing scraps together! Bravo!