Saturday, August 5, 2023

30 Days of Improv :: Stripes

It’s Week 1 of the 30 Days of Improv QAL hosted by Shannon @shannonfraserdesigns and Amanda @broadclothstudio, and what fun it's been. Yeah, I had plenty to work on without adding daily improv play into the mix, but it just felt like something fun to do during this last month of summer. Once it crossed my mind to use my bag of Carolyn Friedlander fabric scraps for the QAL, I was all in. 

So Week 1 has been all about stripes, one of my favorite improv shapes to work with. The first block was made ruler-free until trim-time and basically I was just having fun with a favorite print - that purple/pink one. I decided to go ahead and trim all my blocks during the QAL to 6.5" square.

Day 2's challenge was to play with scale.

Wonky stripes for Day 3.

Normally a fan of the slice and insert method, I struggled with it on Day 4's block. So it's not my favorite of the week, but still fun.

And my block on Day 5 was created with all sorts of bits and bobs from the week. Though stripes are less pronounced in this block, they are there, and this turned out to be one of my favorites.

I thoroughly enjoyed making these throughout the week, and look forward to seeing what the next week of improv holds.


  1. I certainly understand and appreciate your choice to work with your Carolyn Friedlander scraps/prints for this month. This will be a fun journey to watch, especially when it comes time to bring them all together into a quilt top.

  2. How fun! I was considering trying this dip into improv but it is not a priority I want to make at the moment. So thanks for taking me on this journey - even if it is from afar. I love your CF idea and the regular block size. This will have so many layout options later on. Enjoy! xo

  3. I think all your blocks look great, and in the big scheme, they'll fit together beautifully. I really appreciate that Shannon and Amanda emphasize that their guidelines aren't "cast in stone," so to speak. The prompts, and daily suggestions are meant to offer different ideas that encourage us to explore. It's what I'm trying to do. I'm looking forward to the "L-shape" this week. Something different.

  4. It was a fun week and I love your choice of fabrics and your blocks. I dream about make so "simple". You inspire me :-) Have fun with de L shape!

  5. These are great blocks - how fun to create them!