Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Karen @capitolaquilter challenged us with "Echo" as her Bee Sewcial prompt this month, and offered a couple of inspiration blocks, which was nice. "On one end please have one color the majority with the second color used as an accent. The colors in remaining portion of the rectangle can be mixed however you want. For the design, shapes or motifs within your blocks you’ve got full creative control." Karen also gave two palettes to choose from, and I chose Combo Two: orange-red and blue-green for both of my blocks. Here's the first, 8" x 24".

I was surprised how challenged I was by this prompt. I had ideas, but executing them within the space confines proved kind of difficult. I really enjoyed the mix of colors though I might have done a little better at using different values. Concentrating on the components themselves and the majority vs. accent color focus played out as you see. The second block measures 10.5" x 17", slightly taller in comparison than Karen suggested, but has room to trim if Karen sees fit.

So that was our final prompt for the year. I'll be back before long with a round-up!


  1. The color choices are so vibrant and fun! I think you did well with the prompt!

  2. I really like the movement and flow of the second piece. Congratulations on another fun year with the group!

  3. I like it a lot! Karen gave you-all an interesting concept to work with, and I think you executed it well.

  4. I especially love the two sides of contrast in the second block. Cool design pattern! xo