Friday, November 3, 2023

Calendar Update VI

Thanks for your continuing interest in my big liturgical calendar project. I intentionally skipped reporting in last week just to give us all a break. When I last checked in about it, I had just finished piecing the third of three panels. 

Since then, I've quilted the first panel! 

At about 62" x 66", I found it a bit cumbersome, and I see a slight bend in the upper third. That hopefully will be fixed with blocking at some point. But I feel good about the color-matched thread, and how the piecing shows up, reminiscent of stained glass, as some folks have pointed out. 

I'm finding I definitely am needing regular breaks with this project, and even though the quilting for the first panel took about eight hours, I (unintentionally) spread that over eight days. Meanwhile, the second panel got basted yesterday, so I hope to start in on quilting later today. Hubby helped me make sure the sections of color were straight with a laser level, and we've set up a side table by my machine to see if that helps with the weight of the quilt as I'm quilting. I'm also looking forward to using some new thread colors in this one. Small joys, right?


  1. Beautiful progress. And interesting report on the process. Yes, careful planning and work is needed for a formal project.
    very fine!

  2. Lovely first panel! Big congrats on this huge milestone. xo

  3. I'm sure this project takes much thought, so I understand why you need breaks. New thread colors are always a bit exciting!

  4. I'm really loving this! look, I found a way to comment!

    1. oh yay! Unfortunately it doesn't include your email, so I need to respond in the comments.

  5. I think the panel looks fantastic with your quilting. I hope that with the side table you find it easier to make quilting progress on the next panel. I can't remember - do you have a binding plan for how you want to handle the edges?