Monday, November 27, 2023

#2 Pencil

Back in September, I stitched a Dropcloth Pencil sampler for my 5yo grandgirl, in thread colors she chose.

Ever since, I've been slowly stitching along on another, intended for her 13yo sister. When I asked about her favorite colors, I was told, "I love lavender, cyan, and any shade of blue." Nice! As with the first, I stitched the second Pencil sampler with 12wt threads from Aurifil, used double-thickness. I'm definitely a fan, though word on the street is Aurifil will be releasing limited-edition 8wt threads early next year. You know I'll be trying those too!

The colors I used for the pencils on this second sampler were 2520 [Violet], 2562 [Lilac], 6738 [Peacock Blue], 2725 [Light Wedgewood], 2715 [Robins Egg], 5005 [Medium Turquoise], 2805 [Light Turquoise], 2780 [Dark Delft Blue], 1320 [Medium Teal]. The erasers were done primarily using 5021 [Light Gray] and 2430 [Antique Rose]. The ferrules were mostly stitched in 2615 [Aluminum] - I say mostly as I realized later that I picked up the wrong thread a time or two - oops! And then the wood on each pencil was stitched in 2314 [Beige]; with all the leads matching the pencil bodies. 

Again, I chose to mix stitches as I stitched along, using my pretty normal variety - back stitch, straight stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch, coral stitch, wrapped back stitch, and French knots. And I used a new-to-me stitch on one pencil, the interlaced band stitch on the teal pencil.

You might remember that the original idea with the Pencil samplers was to make them into pencil pouches, and that is still my plan. So I'll be back to show them off once they're done!


  1. I really like how the double thick 12wt Aurifil thread looks. Like your older granddaughter, I'm really drawn to blues, and I think the yellow sampler background compliments it nicely, too. These are going to be super fun and cute pencil pouches when they are complete!

  2. How interesting. I like knowing you used a double strand of #12 thread. That interlaced band stitch is new to me (must keep it in mind). I really like that you invited each granddaughter to customize hers with her color choices. That will make the pouches very special for them to use. You're a thoughtful Grandma.