Tuesday, February 13, 2024


Invariably I have an immediate reaction every time a new Bee Sewcial prompt is announced, and I'm pretty sure on February first when my beemate Jen @jen.broemel announced her prompt, it was something like, "Oh, yeah." GRIDS. 

Requested in reds, whites, and blacks, making these two blocks felt so good. Block one, above, is 11.5" x 15"; and the second, below, is 10" x 13.5".

Creating improvisationally - yet with a tentative vision - in an engaging palette - was the most fun I'd had in the studio recently, and I'm grateful for it.


  1. It's a great palette and I love the way you created tension between the values of red with the black and white in your blocks!

  2. They look great! Always so fun to see your improv bee blocks. Glad you enjoyed your session. xo

  3. Red, black and white is such a dynamic color combination. Your grids look great!