Saturday, May 19, 2012

52 lists in 52 weeks//weeks 49 & 50 and another do.Good Finish

There are two week's of lists to share today, but I don't want to bore you to tears. So we'll have a little quilty "commercial" between them and show off a brand new finish by the FAITH circle of do.Good Stitches.

List 49: 5 things I know at 25
Ok, so I was 25 like 30 years ago . . . It didn't take me long mulling over this assignment before it dawned on me - rather than trying to remember what I knew at 25, how about listing what I know at 56. So here are 5 things:
  1. Feeling 'in love' is great, but committing to love makes it last.
  2. There are always new things to discover, to learn, to master.
  3. It's true that time heals, even though nothing is ever the same again.
  4. Sometimes it's hard to face life's next stage, but delight can be found at each new turn.
  5. Riding on a merry-go-round is as fun at 56 as it was at 6.
The latest finish for the FAITH circle was a butterfly quilt finished by Des of Taffy Talk. Each member of the circle contributed four butterfly blocks using this tutorial. Here are the blocks I sent in:
Butterflies for March FAITH circle of do.Good Stitches 
And here is Des's beautiful finish!
The colors are so fun together and I love the quilting she did and the scalloped edges. So fun!
Click on either photo to see more in Des' photostream

And now for the next list . . .

List 50: 10 things I learned from my mom
  1. "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"
  2. how to set a proper place setting at the table
  3. help your kids do their chores; "do it with them"
  4. writing thank you notes
  5. how to sew on a button
  6. love no matter what
  7. how to be a nurturer
  8. how to hoola hoop
  9. that catching hail in a bucket is fun
  10. all about prayer
Only two weeks left in the 52 lists in 52 weeks project!  If you have a chance, check out some entries at the Bloggers' Quilt Festival! I'm still hoping to get my current project bound up before the deadline!


  1. I like your lists. I've learned a lot from my mom too but don't often stop to think what those things all are. I'm sure they are innumerable. The new do good stitches quilty finish is lovely!

  2. Nice job on the blocks. Being at a similar age, I completely relate to your 5 and 10 things, though I might add "how to darn socks" to my list!

  3. Lol, I love #s 8 and 9 on your mum list :oD

  4. Great lists and the quilt looks awesome! Such fun bright colours =D

  5. i love your lists so much! this quilt is amazing too! lovely debbie!

  6. I remember hoola hoops, I think that they are cool again. I really like the quilt.

  7. List 49 really hit home for me, and I've been wanting to comment on it forever. Such wise advice...