Saturday, May 5, 2012

Small Projects Etc.

There's a new sew along starting over at crazy mom quilts! Just make a list of the small projects you'd like to get done in May and join in! I'm working feverishly on several of them at once!
My May small project list:
* FAITH Circle Pouch Swap *
* more Zakka - itty bitty magnets & a mug rug are up next *
* bibs for baby gifts *
* flannel pillow for grandgirl *
* fabric gift bags *
* another Zakka house pouch *
* a gift or two *

I'm also seeing announcements for the upcoming Bloggers' Quilt Festival. If you haven't participated before, it's a really good way to share a quilt that's extra special to you, as well as blog-hop around seeing the quilts of fellow bloggers. I've participated twice, and if you'd like to see my posts, you can find them here and here.

Amy's Creative Side

I feel like I have alot of projects facing deadlines - luckily most of them are smallish (see list above!) - but still . . . last night I got a good start on a pouch for the FAITH circle's do.Good Stitches swap. 

And lastly, I've been tagged again - this time by Amy of Harriet Homemaker Strikes Again. Since I did my fair share of tagging recently, I'll settle this time for answering Amy's questions . . .
1)    10 years ago, what occupied the majority of your time during the day. ~ Same thing as today - working on staff in a church office.
2)    What motivated you to begin quilting and when did you start. ~ My friend, Vicki, quilted, and thought it would be fun if we did it together. I took my first class in 1986.
3)    How big is your fabric stash and what color do you have the most and least of? ~ I have shelves on one side of a small closet. There's alot of 'old' stuff, but the last 18 months I've slowly worked at updating my stash some. Blues, greens, and grays rule; I have almost no yellow, and very little pink.
4)    What is your favorite munchie snack or treat? ~ The thing I nibble at most is dark chocolate and nuts.
5)    Where do you craft? ~ Now that daughter dear is grown with a home of her own, hubby and I have taken over her room - a combo sewing/computer room.
6)    How many projects do you have in active (3 months or less since you working on it) progress, and what are they? ~ Right this very minute, I have 8 projects in some sort of progress laying/hanging around my sewing room - Hopscotch off-cuts (a maybe), pillow for grandgirl, 4x5 blocks, QWERTY do-over, {secret gift}, DS Doll Quilt swap project, FAITH circle pouch, baby goodies - and Zakka on my mind.
7)    Who do you make things for most and why? ~ I think I've probably made the most things for my mom, but next is for my daughter. 
8)    If you could live anywhere in the world, not including your current home, where would it be and why? ~ This is a toss-up. I've always wondered what it would feel like to live downtown in the city, but an alternative would be a smaller town where you could walk alot and there were businesses nearby. Ie. you could enjoy your neighborhood, get errands done at local small businesses, and not drive everywhere.

Ok - I really need to go start my day! Hope you have a great weekend! We are hoping for a sunny one!


  1. That's not a small list at all ;o) Good luck with it anyway :oD

  2. More and more lists, all your projects sound like fun.

  3. Ha! I just added Small Projects to my blog today. I really like your Mango quilt - great project. How does the Blogger's Quilt Festival work?

  4. Great list of projects! Can't wait to see what you stitch up!

  5. Yea for the small projects! Can't wait to see what you share with us. Wow, May is busy - thank you for the reminder about Bloggers' Quilt Festival as this year I want to participate for the first time. Don't forget the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day on May 21st. Hope you see the sun today. :)

  6. Great list - looking forward to seeing them come together.

  7. Oh my word Debbie. How DO you do it all ?

  8. I need to get my list together, too! And decide which quilt to finish up for the Blogger's Quilt Festival!

    Thanks for the reminder! :-)

  9. Your number 8 makes me think of a couple neighborhoods in Minneapolis...or Venice...