Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday at the Table

Tartufo, rosemary, Himalayan pink, flor de sal, Hawaiian, fleur de sel, Kona, flaked, herb, fennel, smoked bacon chipotle, garlic medley, Hawaiian bamboo jade, 5 pepper, Hawaiian black lava, French garden, and French grey, and good old kosher. 

Please don't think I'm an eccentric, but I have all those salts in my kitchen. 18 different salts. Even I'm surprised! They've come as gifts, as souvenirs, as impromptu purchases. And I use one or another almost every time I cook.
So of course, my interest was certainly piqued when several of my blog friends posted last week where salt was a key player. Lynne of pieceful shared about an Alaea Hawaiian sea salt she'd received from The Spice House, which she'd sprinkled simply on vegetables. Susan of The History Quilter roasted zucchini and red pepper sprinkled with the more commonplace Kosher salt. And Becky of Solar Threads downright intrigued me with her preserved lemons that I am so anxious to hear more about! I'm sure this all had no influence at all on my baking up three batches of Salted Fudge Brownies last weekend (two for a youth bake sale; one for our Mother's Day picnic). Any chance you are a salt aficionado or at least have a favorite recipe that highlights salt? If so, I know several foodies who are ready to listen.


  1. My, look at all those salts! I have a wonderful recipe for Salted Caramel Macarons that I am dying to try! I love salted caramel anything!

  2. Smoked bacon chipotle? Now we're talkin some salt. That garlic medley sounds great too. I can see where you would need a salt "cupboard" to house your collection. And grinders, and spoons, cute little salt dishes.....
    It's a whole new salty world!
    p.s. Thanks for the linkback :)

  3. Wow! I didn't even KNOW there were that many different types of salt! All I can get in this small town in canning, Kosher, iodized and non-iodized. I'm pretty sure I bought my "sea salt" in a big city. I did buy some fun salt once when we visited Salt Lake City. Oh! I just thought of a fun salt story though I'll have to share on my blog today!!

  4. Fab collection. We don't get anything labelled as Kosher salt here, so I'm not sure if I have any, but that Maldon salt I see tucked away is what I usually use in cooking

  5. Yum yum - I loooove an interesting salt. And now I'm hungry - amazing what just thinking about roasted veggies with salt on them can do....