Monday, June 23, 2014

How You Bind :: The Results

Well that was fun! The How You Bind survey had a larger participation than I anticipated and it dawned on me a little late in the game that it was alot easier to 'read' the results with the multiple choice questions. Ie. with over 200 responses, it took a bit of perusing to get through the 'essay' questions. So for those, I'll summarize for you, then there is a link to all the responses for each of those questions, just in case you're inclined to check those out. So here's how we bind!

Q2  Do you have a 'go-to' binding? Dots, stripes, solids or ?
"No" was the most common response, or "depends on the project". Closely following was "stripes", though dots, stripes, and scrappy were mentioned plenty. Click for complete results

Q3  How wide do you cut your binding? 
Responses ranged from 1 1/4" - 3", with the top 3 responses being:
2" - 11
2.25" - 71
2.5" - 119

Q6. What is your favorite way to finish the binding? Ie. how do you join the ends together? If you have a favorite tutorial, please share it here.
Ok, the responses to this questions were overwhelming - there are SO many tutorials and techniques that are standbys for you. I did glean that a majority of you join binding strips at an angle. I'll definitely be reading through these results again and looking up some of the links you mention. Click for complete results

Q9. Have you ever made scrappy binding, striped binding, matched binding or any other special binding technique? Do tell!    
Scrappy was the overwhelming choice here. Click for complete results

Q10. Any last comments about binding? 
This section was fun to read, some of which was a repeat of the other questions. And of course there was "I hate binding!" right alongside "I love making it!". Click for complete results

Well thank you for participating in the survey! I certainly hope you enjoyed it, and maybe even found a tip to try or a variation to consider just for the fun of it. I think things were summed up really well with the statement, "I find that the right binding often is just the pizzazz needed to transform a 'pretty' quilt into a 'gorgeous' quilt!" I couldn't agree more.


  1. thanks so much for sharing all the results Debbie, such an interesting read!

  2. So interesting to read! Thank you so much for taking e time to compile this. AS I am a self taught quilter thru trial and error and blog taught (y'all bloggers are truly an awesome and giving community-thank you), I find I do things very differently than many who took classes or learned from their mothers....hence the fact I always cut my boarders with the selvedge and my binding as well.
    Did ANYONE respond that they cut binding with selvedges? I've done straight grain when the binding fabric is longer that way and it works fine as well, but bias binding....I'd only ever use that if I were making curved or scalloped edges along my quilt for sure!
    Thanks so much for everything you teach us and guide us to for learning and inspiration. You are my very most favorite blogger and I so look forward to your posts and your projects.

  3. Who has a GREAT machine binding tutorial? I need one fast to complete my MQG fabric challenge quilt.

    1. I do. On my blog at

  4. I'll come back to read the long answers, thank you for sharing them.

  5. It was neat to see the results, great idea for a survey for sure!

  6. I'm with Jake. What a fun survey! And comforting to know that there are plenty of straight grain cut binding going on out there!

  7. Thanks for sharing, you got a great response! I enjoy binding but I do think it's an area in which I can improve.

  8. I missed the survey! But I can't believe I'm with the only 2 percent that doesn't iron the binding prior to sewing it on! CRAZY! Someone mentioned this at the meeting the other week and I was like, people iron the binding before they sew it on??? No idea that I'm in the 2 percent!! Fun survey!

  9. Apparently I missed the survey, but the results are interesting! It looks like some places I move with the crowd, and others not so much, shocker, huh? ;o)