Friday, June 13, 2014

June Bee Blocks

Bee blocks were a breeze this month and can't say that I minded. Always Bee Learning Bee is one where our partner even sends the fabric she wants us to use, so the Boxy Stars for Celeste/
celestejohnson2008 were quick and easily pieced.

Mary Ann/SoapsByMareMare asked FAITH Circle to make a pair of 9 Patches inspired by Red Pepper Quilts. I love the color mix for these blocks and am pretty sure the finished quilt will belie the simplicity of these blocks.

And for Mid-Century Modern Bee, Linda/Flourishing Palms asked for 60-degree string-pieced diamonds with the request to include an orange string in each. These blocks will help her finish up a "Picket Fence" quilt she already has underway.

Meanwhile, I'm still receiving AprilMay, and June blocks from 3 of my bees, so one day soon, I'll have 3 new quilts to finish up. yikes.


  1. You'll be glad you had an easy June, when you see what I have in store for July ! :-)) The Boxy stars are great blocks- very effective!

  2. Those string-pieced diamonds are super cool.

  3. Those will be 3 very cool quilts!

  4. Both of my bees are on a break this month and I miss it!

  5. You did have an easy month, but so many fun fun blocks!