Wednesday, June 4, 2014

That Stash Bee

This month I'm Bee Mama for the 4th time this calendar year! The hardest part about that is coming up with ideas for all the groups! I had several in mind for That Stash Bee for June, but they all went to the wayside when I saw Elizabeth/Don't Call Me Betsy's recent "Boxed In" quilt.
Boxed In quilt finish - a twist on a traditional 9 patch
I loved the scrappy simplicity of it and thought it would be a good fit for a group named after That Stash. In Elizabeth's post, she mentioned she'd be offering a block pattern soon, so I inquired, and sure enough, she had it posted a few days later, perfect timing for our bee. {click here for the free Boxed In block pattern} Here's my sample 12 1/2" block.
As part of the very thorough block pattern, Elizabeth includes several quilt setting ideas, which I think is an awesome extra. Layout is something to mull over while I wait for the blocks to roll in.

I shared a photo of a pillow with my bee-mates as an example of the palette for this quilt - orange, gold, turquoise, purple, medium gray - subtle rather than bright.
Believe it or not, blocks are already showing up in our bee's photostream. I'm kind of excited!


  1. love all the use of burnt orange and earthy colours in this post. nice to meet you

  2. love all the use of burnt orange and earthy colours in this post. nice to meet you

  3. Oh yes, this is a great bee block!

  4. Dang! I only have two Bees to think about--I can't imagine having to do four! I think this will be interesting and will fit in with your general style of quilts--lots of color and vibrant settings -- although there are exceptions, to be sure. It will be great to see how it all comes together.


  5. The block is fab and I love your colour palette!

  6. Can't wait to get started on these! I think it's going to be quite the quilt! Great colors, great block, great way to give you lots of opportunities for awesome quilting!