Thursday, December 11, 2014

Celebrating Doing Good

I bet you've heard of do. Good Stitches {a charity bee}, right?  We're a virtual quilting bee begun by Rachel of Stitched in Color, and we have been making modern quilts for charity since 2010. It began with a few "circles" who worked together making a quilt each month for their chosen charity. Today, there are 24 circles, each consisting of 10 stitchers and quilters, and we're celebrating all our work and the good we've been able to do just doing what we love.

I joined Faith Circle in 2011 where I served as a stitcher for about 14 months before becoming a quilter. In that role, in addition to making quilt blocks, I also decide on the quilt plan for the month 2-3 times a year, gather the blocks made by my bee members, then I quilt and bind our quilt and send it on to our charity, Restore Innocence.

So far, I've completed 4 quilts for Faith Circle, and I'm currently receiving blocks for another. Remember these?
All this to say . . . as part of our celebration, each circle has voted on their 'best' quilt and submitted it to Rachel. Here's ours!

High Clare Castle Blocks by Faith circle, quilted by Anita Peluso (more pics)

There are 24 gorgeous quilts submitted - won't you go vote on your favorite? Voting closes midnight (eastern time), Monday December 15th, and no matter which quilt wins, doing good is definitely worth celebrating.

Celebrate Good Stitches


  1. What a fun and very worthwhile thing to do! I'm off to have a closer look at the other quilts and maybe vote, if I can decide....

  2. It's a great idea, and I love all the quilts that you've made

  3. Well, I voted for yours....I remember seeing that one recently, definitely one of my favorite quilts and a block I've added to my to-do list. Good luck in the voting!

  4. I had never heard of that block until you blogged about yours. It's a lovely quilt

  5. As I was looking over the Faith Circle quilts submitted this year I reflected on the beauty of the ones you designed Debbie :o)

    I see you've activated a captcha on your blog comments...have you been getting a lot of spam?

  6. I voted. . . for yours! It was my favorite of all the circles. That's quite a collection of beautiful quilts; thanks for including a link for us to head over there.

    Those other quilts on your blog are also lovely.