Monday, December 1, 2014

Fresh Sewing Day

After a couple of months of feeling somewhat unsettled in the studio, November finally felt back in the groove. Probably the most focus went into Striped Strip - so much angst and freedom here, all at the same time.
There were also a lot of mixed emotions in my project for The Great Pillow Fight. It always causes a quandry when making a swap project, but once I got going, this was enjoyable (especially the quilting) and my partner, Whitney, liked it, so success!
Oh yeah, I made a little mug rug too, cuz Whitney likes yetis.
There were plenty of littles, though a couple were made in October, but I couldn't share last Fresh Sewing Day. You can read about the bee blocks and the Two in One pouches in their own posts. The baby shoes were made with a pattern by petit boo - in triplicate for my bee-mate Marla/sewhungry's new triplet sons! The pink patchwork bag was made for grandgirl's birthday, adapted from a tutorial by A Quilting Loft, and the wonky cross mug rug was made for a coworker.
Posting a little early were Intersection blocks (tutorial by Film in the Fridge) - December's assignment for FAITH circle.
Intersection blocks
There were also a couple of minor but much appreciated studio updates {here and here}, which really weren't that monumental, but make my space that much more pleasant.

 my new design wall!
And finally, Trim-Tied Gift Bags, a new tutorial. Believe me, I'm going to be making more of these myself.
A pretty full month, yes. Probably just a foretaste of December. yikes.

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  1. Amazing, what a busy busy month with amazing projects. Love the quilt - totally worth the angst! - and the cushion especially. So so pretty.

  2. I like the idea of the small irregular brights and the gray/black borders. The slanted borders play an effective supporting role, both calming and echoing.

  3. Amazing makes, I love your gift bags they look so professional!
    And I really need to update my ironing board cover, it is disgusting but I just keep putting it off!

  4. I just got caught up on several of your blog posts from scrappy binding to ironing board covers; crab bisque, design walls, swaps and bees. You always inspire me and sometimes I don't tell you enough how much I enjoy reading your blog.

  5. I think you definitely climbed back on the horse there :o)