Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday at the Table

It wasn't really a competition. Which is a good thing, as we are bacon-loving people, and we pretty much devour it all. But when the traditional Coffee & Brown Sugar Bacon came to the table on Christmas Morning, it had company.

We had given son-in-law a smoker last Christmas, and since we'd missed his smoked turkey at Thanksgiving, I think he was making it up to us by curing and smoking some Christmas bacon. Oh yeah, he's handy to have around, and let's just add that we enjoy his edible experiments.

So in the photo, the coffee bacon is on the left, the home-smoked on the right. They obviously are quite different, but both deemed very very good. Really, what's more to say than that?


  1. lucky you! big bacon family here too...

  2. yum!! one problem with France: no bacon.

  3. France has no bacon??? Shame on France! Bacon is a food group as far as I'm concerned!!!
    Lucky you with a son in law to smoke up some bacon for you!!!

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  5. My husband has a monster of a smoker and we use it frequently throughout the year, even when it is snowing outdoors. We've not tried smoking bacon. Sounds de-lish.