Sunday, December 20, 2015

That Bucket List

It surprised me to see that it had been over 18 months since I'd composed a quilty bucket list as part of the Quilty Bucket List Blog Hop hosted by Stacey/The Tilted Quilt. The other day out of the blue, it dawned on me that I should see how I was progressing, as I really hadn't been giving it much thought. Come to find out, I was 6/10, which is just where I may stay for a while. Then again it may be the end of the story. Below's a quick report - you'll see my original statements in italics, followed by my current thoughts. I've included alot of links, if you want to see my original inspiration or reveal posts.

1. Years ago when I was a beginning quilter, the quilt that seemed most beautiful and elusive was the Irish Chain. I still have pages ripped from a magazine showing my dream quilt. It seems only right that someday, I actually make one. When it came right down to it, I found I didn't actually want to make one like I had always imagined. I did, in fact, make a modern facsimile, and I may just be happy enough with that.

Mod Irish, June 2015

2. The Churn Dash block is my favorite traditional block and I'd love to make a quilt with a modern take on it. I still love this block, but. Unless I come up with that modern twist, I probably won't be making a full-size quilt. I think I'll count this pillow, using the Nested Churn Dash pattern by quilt jane, and mark this one off the list.

3. A barn quilt has been a relatively new add to my TO DO list. Hubby and I came across barns with painted quilts on a drive through Eastern Washington, and we were so taken by them. I'm not quite sure what block I want to do yet though . . . I still love them and I still don't know. I kinda think I'll just keep admiring them on barns.

4. Next up is a color wheel quilt. I'm contemplating Tula's new pattern, but we'll see. I went another direction on this one, and used Nicole/mama love quilts' pattern The Motley Wheel. Twice!

Motley, February 2015

Neutral Wheel, October 2015

5. Pixelated quilts sound difficult and mind-boggling, but I'm also very intrigued by them. I do have a pattern in mind - we'll see if I can manage to execute it. I still have the idea, but am overwhelmed by it, so....

6. I've wanted to make another hst quilt ever since I said goodbye to my one and only, HST Love, which was a project by FAITH Circle. Not sure this one will become a reality, but every time I see the original, it still makes me smile.

7. I was so taken by this Double Wedding Ring by Greenleaf Goods - a traditional block done improv. I'm mulling over which block to do for this too, but I'd really like to give this idea a go! I went with the Log Cabin - two-sided, in fact - and enjoyed it immensely.
Steeped in Tradition, November 2015 

8. I like brown. And unpopular as it often is, I'd really like to make a brown quilt. The brown stash is growing, waiting for its time. I still like brown and a nice stack still awaits. Patiently.

9. My overflowing scrap basket influenced my decision to add a Postage Stamp quilt to my list. This one is actually in progress, so there's a decent chance it'll become a reality. I did this! Though not in the way I'd intended, basically because I got bored!

2¢ Stamp, July 2014

10. LOVE triangle quilts. One of these days I've just got to get up the courage to make one! I did this one too, thanks to The Sassy Quilter and her Triangle QAL.

Triangles, April 2014

Well I don't think I've done too bad, eh? But things have changed somehow. By that I mean, I may or may not even consider completing my original list. Not that I'm not pleased where I've gone so far, but I think I want to wing it more going forward. Of course, that's my thoughts today. Anything can happen, right?


  1. never say never! maybe the rest of your list will evolve, as some of the others did, and you will complete them in a new way? I'll be anxious to see

  2. you did great on your original list, and I totally understand how our taste can change and we want to make different things than we used to :)

  3. Wow! You accomplished so much on your list in 18 months! That's a great idea - to go back and look (I'm totally going back to mine). I just made a modern churn dash that I should be able to reveal in a couple of months - I do love that nested one, too.

  4. Ooh, I didn't realize I nabbed something off your Bucket List! My list is constantly evolving - but like you might have realized, it's a lot easier to achieve when it's in mini form. I think I'm going to make a bunch of pillow covers in 2916 to satisfy my urges!

    1. Er, 2016. Probably not waiting till 2916. ;)

  5. You have done really well with that list, I need to consider a bucket list but it might be very long.

  6. Maybe we ignore the Pantone colors of the year and go with brown. Brown to be thoughtfully considered and used in quilting this year.

  7. Wow, what a lovely set of quilts. I love them all. Your work is immaculate. I try my best and though precision eludes me, I love the trying. Happy Quilting!

  8. That old bucket list!!! I have one that is ever growing! This year I think I will start to actually write that list...I'm afraid I can't remember them all now-a-days! Congrats on getting some off your you can add more!

  9. Good for you getting several on the bucket list done. I've been thinking about a pixelated quilt too for next year. Merry Christmas.

  10. They're all gorgeous, as is everything you do. Merry Christmas Debbie!