Monday, October 15, 2018

Everyday Improv & More with Seattle MQG

It had been planned for months - a doubleheader with my own Seattle MQG - and though I was really looking forward to it, I was basically consumed with the anticipation of it all over the past few weeks.

First up was an Everyday Improv workshop! Basically, it was a chance to explore 15 improvisational piecing techniques, all of which are incorporated into my All In quilt. I took it and several other quilts to give my students an idea of ways to either incorporate the improv techniques into their quilts or be the basis of new quilt-making explorations.

What I most hoped to convey was that the techniques were a fun and easier-than-they-look way to include more improv into their sewing day to day - basically show how versatile they can be. And I think that was accomplished!

Of course it was great fun to see what the class came up with and how they made the techniques their own! I look forward to seeing more as they continue to explore.

Then a few days later, at our monthly guild meeting, I shared a trunk show.

I think this made me the most nervous. I showed my very first quilt, which was completely hand-stitched and quilted during a beginning quilt-making class in 1988....

my first improv quilt, made after taking a class with Katie Pedersen in 2012....

the first quilt I entered into a show....

and on to more of my more recent quilts.... 25 in all. In a nutshell, it was my quilting journey from the beginning, fraught with 'rules' galore, to the present, where pretty much anything goes. Though thankful for the past, definitely, I'm happy to be right here, creating with plenty of freedom.

Whew! All that was exciting and overwhelming all at once! But what a wonderful opportunity it was to share with the group that has meant so much to me and affirmed me over the past five years.

Photo credit at trunk show, Rachel Pascual. Many thanks to Elizabeth Gould and Kathleen Munns for quilt-holding.


  1. I'll bet they enjoyed all of it as much as we did last spring!

  2. The story of an artist's journey developing their signature style is always inspiring.
    It's brave to let people see who you really are.

  3. Congratulations on getting through the events. I hope you have had time to recharge from the energy exertion and that you had a wonderful time! It certainly looks like your students had fun in class.

  4. I would have been frozen with anxiety and fear! Congrats on making it through! I'm sure your improv class was a big hit. I love that you include many different techniques to share.

  5. Congrats on both the class and the presentation. Neither are something I'm comfortable doing. The idea of a journey from rules to freedom is interesting to consider. You've embraced that freedom by producing amazing work.