Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Guilty. Seriously, I had no intention whatsoever of starting a new project right on the heels of my QuiltCon 2022 Artisan Cotton Fabric Challenge project, Striped Much. You know I've got a list of wips to work on, and I fully intended to get on with it. But there I was gathering the scraps of Striped Much into a pile to toss into the scrap basket, and the fleeting thought came to me.... just see what they can become right NOW. 

Since it was one of those weekends where my days allowed for that, I went ahead and started with the one pieced stripe section I had, and as if on instinct, it became the center of an improv log cabin 'block.' I had several long pieced strips from the backing of Striped Much after post-quilting trimming, and those began to wind themselves around the center. I especially enjoyed the secondary shapes that I was able to create.

At one point, I cut a few binding strips so I'd have them when I needed them, and kept piecing, until there wasn't enough for another side. And then it was time for quilting. Some fun quilting was definitely in order, and I quickly decided on a dense angled grid. They never disappoint, and it certainly didn't this time either. 

The little quilt measures just 13" x 17", but the amount of creative delight it provided was huge. Each of my seven cuts of Artisan Cotton are represented, though just one small piece of the Coral / Aqua made it in - part of that center striped section I started with. And just for the record, I pieced the upper stripes out of the smallest scraps to echo those in the center. In the end, I used all but a few inches of these beautiful fabrics. Mission accomplished.


  1. I love doing this too! Yours is great and I love the quilting!

  2. I'm so glad you just kept going and didn't set it aside! so joyful

  3. How fun! Good for you to be able to immediately turn scraps from one project into another! I have never done that, perhaps because my "eyes are bigger than my stomach"... I've always got more than one project going, and some are often "due", so I don't have time for play. This is a great example of fun playtime! I love it, and even appreciate the size that allows for more dense quilting than is usually appropriate for a larger quilt. Well done you!

  4. You are having tons of fun, good for you! Yes, if you've got the time and the 'iron is hot' go for it.
    Thanks for sharing so much inspiration.

  5. Mission accomplished for sure! What did you use for the backing of the quilt?

  6. Replies
    1. I totally agree! Sometimes I think that should be my only goal! ;-)

  7. Oh this is really nice! Love the quilting. And I can tell you had a ton of fun with this one, which is really the goal isn’t it?