Wednesday, February 2, 2022

January Fabric Usage

Hope you don't mind, but I'm still keeping track of my fabric usage this year. When I think that over the last two years I used up a net of -173 yards (!!), I want to keep myself accountable and heading in that negative direction. I can really tell when I look at my stash that I've made progress. Where I used to have a cubby for each color of prints, some of the colors are now combined into one cubby. My solids all fit in three cubbies - one for warm, one for cool, and one for neutrals. Eventually I'd like to expand those out, but am not really wanting to add to stash quite yet, so for now, I'll purchase solids more as I need them, and continue using up the print stash. Not that I want to totally eliminate prints from my stash, but I'd like to focus on prints I really love, and more usable-sized cuts. My days of randomly collecting fat-quarters is pretty much over.

That said, I was offered a beautiful stack of Carolyn Friedlander prints from a friend that was doing her own destashing. Considering they fell into the 'really love' category, how could I say no? Yes, they are fat-quarters and fat-eighths, but I seem to use those well in CF fabrics, so I'm feeling ok about that.

I also did purchase 2 yards of Cosmos, the Kona Color of the Year. It's tradition, and I know I'll use that in no time.

SO, as far as using up fabric, I finished up one quilttotally made another, and made the backing for yet another! Plus I made bee blocks and a handful of Christmas giftbags. Though it feels like sewing opps have been limited, I guess progress hasn't been that bad. Here are my totals for the month:

January Fabric Usage
Used up: 13.375 yards
Brought in: 10.5 yards 
Net: -2.875 yards
Year to date: -2.875 yards

So progress, at least. I'll keep working on it!


  1. I love watching your fabric usage progress and wish I had the discipline to do it too! nice work

  2. Not bad at all, especially since you did bring in fabric!

  3. I was able to go with a friend to fabric market at Moda/United Notions last month. Let's just say my stash grew a bit. I will say I was very careful about what I did buy so I am happy with the purchases. Kona Cosmos is a lovely color.

  4. Kona Cosmos is lovely, a must have for a well rounded stash!

  5. You got me started on keeping track of my fabric usage. I’m down about 150 yards the past two years and I would like to keep it that way. I would never be able to say no to CF fabric.

  6. Oh you are so brave taking a true accounting of your stash. I am of two camps....too darn scared to inventory but even more so of thinking why do we feel we have to use up our stash............we don't ask stamp collectors to mail more letters.

    1. Sherrylyn, for one, I never did do a starting inventory of my stash - I can't even imagine!! And I in no way feel like I (or anyone) needs to use up their stash - I want to because I have a lot of small pieces and prints I'm not enamored with any more, and I want to stock more solids going forward, plus just freshen things up.

  7. Not a bad month and start to the year. I’m not really tracking my stash, but like you, I stopped buying random fat quarter bundles and instead purchase prints I love in half yard cuts (at least!). More options that way. I also keep bolts of some solids such as light grey, dark grey and black.