Monday, January 31, 2022

11 Years

Seriously? As of today, I've been blogging for 11 years. The online quilting community has evolved so much over that time, that I sometimes feel like a bit of an enigma. Blog-writing and blog-reading aren't as popular - or prolific - as they once were, but right here still feels like home to me. Sure, I post frequently on Instagram, and occasionally on my A Quilter's Table facebook page. And The Scrap Basket newsletter is a whole 'nother thing, with a more outward focus. But here's where I enjoy sharing in detail about everything I make and more, so I'm figuring I'll just keep doing that.

Quilting Modern, 2012 - first improv quilt

It's hard to know how to even talk about all those years of blogging. I guess if I look back at some early posts, I see a few things have changed dramatically over time.

Mod Mood , 2015 - Bee Sewcial group quilt

  • Most of the quilts I create these days are improvisational.
  • In general, scraps play a much larger part in my projects of any size and type.
  • Different substrates are also used much more frequently.
  • I'm no longer afraid of color or choosing fabric for a project. It took me years to feel comfortable doing that alone.
  • Overall, I guess I'm more confident, and enjoy creating whatever feels fun to me.

Sizzling, 2015 - Pantone Marsala challenge quilt

Truth is, I don't have a whole lot to say this anniversary. It's been a unique couple of years, hasn't it? And I think I'm just feeling grateful that I'm here, doing what I love to do, creating every chance I get and sharing it with you all here. Heartfelt thanks for following along, being a part of so many of my days, and for encouraging me along. It means so much.

Chaotic Order, 2016 Embrace the Chaos pattern by Libs Elliott

Sooo.... are you wondering about the collection of quilts I'm sharing today? Made during my years of quilt-blogging, these happen to currently all hang in our home. The first, over my desk, where I can be reminded of my improv-beginnings; Mod Mood is front and center in our family room, a QuiltCon ribbon winner; Sizzling, AKA the bacon quilt, is in the dining room of course; and the final two - Chaotic Order and Double Tall Skinny Vanilla - in living spaces where their colors coordinate. Do you hang your quilts in your home??


  1. Happy anniversary! I agree; my blog feels the most like 'home' online and I don't see a future where I would stop blogging.

    Quilts are a big part of the decor in our home. We hang smaller quilt in our small cottage than we had before, but my husband is quite insistent that I still have some on display. :)

  2. Happy blog-versary! Looking forward to the next eleven years ;) xo

  3. Congratulation... I love to come to this place !

  4. Thank you for sharing your creative work with us all these years, it's always interesting to see your latest creations.

  5. Happy blog-versary! Love seeing all your work, amazing where creativity takes us!

  6. Happy blog-versary! It's always a big pleasure to see and to read your blog :-)

  7. Happy blog-aversary! So happy to hear that you still want to continue to blog. I love IG but enjoy the long story! I do hang quilts in my home. I have about eight spots where I rotate pieces. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much! And yay for hanging quilts in your home. Love that you rotate them...I'm not too good about that.

  8. Happy anniversary! I still love reading blogs better than other social media. Yes I do also hang quilts in my home. I have a seasonal wall in our foyer, plus quilt ladder in the living room, quilt hangers in a couple other rooms, I love quilts!!

  9. I absolutely love Sizzling. I rotate my quilts in my dining room. Need to get another rod put up in the front room.

  10. So impressive that you have been blogging 11 years! I have followed for many years and I am inspired by your posts and your quilts, so thanks so much for what you do. Other types of social media don't interest me much, but I do enjoy reading blogs. I do hang my quilts in our home, and also have them on tables, on beds, on the back of couches, etc. I have a pattern for a quilt I want to make for a certain wall in our home right now, but it keeps getting put off while I make quilts I want to give as gifts.

  11. Congratulations on 11 years!
    That's very impressive. Your blog and writing and tutorials have had a great impact on many people--so glad you still keep yours going!

  12. I'm thrilled for you to still be blogging after 11 years! That's definitely worth celebrating! Like you, I feel like an anomaly. Still, keeping a blog is like being "at home." It's great to see some of your older quilts, and even better knowing that they're hanging in your home, being enjoyed and appreciated. "Do you hang quilts in your home?" Ha! That's a question I can answer a resounding "Yes!" I currently have 27 quilts, of all sizes, hanging in my house. Dare I say? We live in a "padded cell." Ha, ha.

  13. Happy anniversary! I love coming over to your blog and I’m so pleased you plan on continuing. I’ve seen a few bloggers « re-launch » their blogs after months of absence recently. Might be a consequence of the last couple of years and people wanting to slow down a bit? I enjoy IG but I much prefer sitting down with a coffee on the weekend and spending an hour or so catching up on my favourite blogs.